Lots of work going on right now to make sure they are perfect specimens for this coming season!

This year we have planted 6 species of Christmas trees in Dorset

Looking forward to the season already!

Any questions, just call on 07831 796253 

This Years Charity:


Other Products

We like to offer quality natural Christmas products; some of our products are hand crafted on site.

To complete your tree we have Christmas tree stands fitted whilst you wait plus a broad range of  tasteful Christmas lighting

Christmas Tree Stands

Cinco Stands:

Cinco 5, 7 OR 10 - a great stand which requires very little trimming of the base of the tree.

Wrought iron stands:

 4”, 5” or 6” -  very popular, attractive and affordable.

Cast iron stands:

Attractive, heavy duty, last a lifetime.

Trinity St Christmas Trees will trim your tree to fit your stand whilst you wait, plus we will slice the bottom off to open the channels which allow the tree to drink – all part of the Trinity St service!

Wreaths, Holly and Mistletoe

Noble Fir wreaths and swags:

  • Hand made on site 
  • Choose from various decorations - plain, standard or luxury with an abundance of dried fruits.
  • We can decorate to your specific requirements whilst you wait.

Holly wreaths:

  • Quality holly wreaths made locally.
  • Made on moss rings which means they don't dry out.

Dried wreaths – can be used year after year.

Holly and Mistletoe – arriving fresh each week.

Wooden & Wicker Reindeer

Reindeer – we are the original local supplier of the wooden reindeer; often copied but never matched in design and quality. This year we are also selling beautiful willow reindeer.

Be aware, all reindeer are herd animals and like to be purchased in numbers!

Christmas Lighting

We supply everything from small inexpensive sets of LEDs to connectable systems that take 1000 LEDs on one power pack. If you are looking to create a large display, expert advice is available.