Lots of work going on right now to make sure they are perfect specimens for this coming season!

This year we have planted 6 species of Christmas trees in Dorset

Looking forward to the season already!

Any questions, just call on 07831 796253 

This Years Charity:


Caring for your Tree

Date Posted: Wednesday, 21 November 2012
  • Use a stand that allows you to water the tree when it’s in the house - trees can drink up to a pint of water a day!
  • When you buy your tree, ask your Christmas tree seller to cut an inch off the bottom to re-open the channels at the base of the tree to help the tree to drink again as the sap will have closed the channels up.
  • Stand your tree outside for a few days in a bucket of water before bringing it inside. 
  • Position the tree away from radiators and very warm areas of the house.
  • For the best needle retention buy a Noble Fir or Nordman Fir rather than a Norway Spruce or Blue Spruce. 
  • Buy a pot grown tree if you want to replant it after Christmas, its survival isn’t guaranteed but it’s in with a decent chance if it’s pot grown.
  • Avoid trees that may have been stored indoors before arriving at the point of sale store – this can be the case with supermarket or DIY chains.


So in essence…..buy wisely and remember your tree likes a drink at Christmas too!