Lots of work going on right now to make sure they are perfect specimens for this coming season!

This year we have planted 6 species of Christmas trees in Dorset

Looking forward to the season already!

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Which is the Greenest option?

Date Posted: Wednesday, 21 November 2012

More and more people each year are turning to a real Christmas tree to decorate their homes. Approximately 7 million real trees are now sold in the UK which is increasing year on year.

Can this be good for the environment? Well…. the 40 million trees that are grown in the UK take about 50,000 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which is lot more than the non-biodegradable tree in the attic can manage.

All trees are grown in specialist plantations where new trees are planted out afterwards.

Are pot grown trees greener? Not really because they are all replaced in due course. Pot grown trees are no better for needle retention - don’t be misled in thinking that they can be planted out every year and re-used – merely a marketing ploy! The reason is that cut trees are cut after the sap stops rising, i.e. once they have experienced a hard frost. The tree can then be cut with no fear of needle drop, but in the case of pot grown trees the tree has more of a tendency to “wake up” in the home, making the tree believe it’s spring, then a few weeks later the poor tree is thrust back into winter. This is why pot grown trees can be worse for needle retention and why they become very scruffy when re-used each year.